Globalization will open up a great number of possibilities for foreign architecture graduates to enter the Indonesia market, in addition to allowing Indonesian to enter the world market. This event will move quite significant for the development of education in the field of architecture in Indonesia as an attempt to address the assumption of a different quality standard between graduates and foreign graduates in this field, bearing in mind that many Indonesian graduates are currently working all over the world and especially here in Asia.
Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Faculty of Engineering and its Architecture Department of Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR), a Seminar and Exhibition will be held. The event is held in association with APTARI (Association of architecture schools in Indonesia), IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects), ARCASIA (Architect Regional Council of Asia) and UIA (International Union of Architect), as representatives of architecture education and practitioner associations in Indonesia and abroad. The Presidents of UIA and ARCASIA will be invited as two of the speakers. The event is planned to be held on 1st March 2010, based on the time both speakers. Alloted to the other speakers will be representatives of The ministry of Education, APTARI and IAI.


The speakers are :
•Minister of Education (as the keynote speaker)
•President of UIA
•President of ARCASIA
•Representatives of IAI
•Representatives of APTARI
•Departments of Architecture in Indonesia


The Exhibition involves national and international (Asian) architecture student projects. Each of invited universities may send maximum 2 (two) of their chosen best final-year student projects.

The Projects which may be exhibited are as follows:
a. The final-year students' projects of Asia universitites - ARCASIA
b. The final-year students' projects od Indonesia universities
c. The final-year students' projects of non- Asia universities (e.g. : Australia, etc.)

The event will be held within a week (1st- 6th MArch 2010) togethe with the seminar on 1st March in Unpar, Bandung, Indonesia and will be opened for public ( from 08.00 - 16.00 ). The public can comment freely to the exhibited work academically and professionally

Within the eventm there will be an open discussion between participants, visitors, professional architect or material company which will be held every lunch time.

All the exhibited works and sicussion will be archieved and documented


Febuary, 4th 2010 - Event registration and projects submition deadline is extended to February 15th, 2010



Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia